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A Quick Guide to Subletting Your Apartment

A Quick Guide to Subletting Your Apartment Whether you plan on studying abroad for a semester, going home for the summer, or graduating before the end of your lease term, subletting your apartment is a great way to help defer … Continue reading

Top 10 Things to Look for When Apartment Shopping

Apartment shopping can be an exciting time!  It is easy to overlook some basic questions that may make your living experience much more enjoyable.  Here are the top 10 things to look for when apartment shopping: Number of bedrooms?  Number … Continue reading

Before You Rent – Helpful Resources

Student Tenant Education and Mediation has provided a list of resources that are beneficial for any future or current renter.  This is a great list to have handy when you are searching for an apartment or to hang on your … Continue reading

Pick Your Roommates with Care

Many good friends become ex-friends after trying to live together! Think about your potential roommate’s personality, study habits, eating and sleeping habits, smoking, drinking, attitude towards others and responsibility with money. Also give some consideration to this person’s other friends, … Continue reading

Your Safety Inside and Outside the Apartment

You should always think of safety, both inside and outside your apartment.  Student Tenant Education and Mediation has provided some valuable safety tips. Important tips to consider: Never shop for apartments alone, always have a friend with you when you … Continue reading