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Agreement To Mediate

Agreement to Mediate

Guidelines for Mediation Sessions

Student Tenant Education and Mediation (STEM) Mediation Program GUIDELINES FOR MEDIATION SESSIONS The following guidelines apply to all mediation sessions: 1.    The mediation program is a service offered by STEM.  Participants in the Mediation Program should endeavor to make the … Continue reading

How to Get Started with STEM Mediation

Contact the STEM office by calling (608) 228-0090 Monday-Friday; or emailing; or stopping by our STEM office at 625 Langdon St, Madison WI  53703 If mediation is the answer for you, we can contact the other person to see … Continue reading

What to Expect During a STEM Mediation Session

The mediation sessions are informal with a basic three part structure: Introduction/opening statements: mediators give each participant the opportunity to tell their story uninterrupted Information gathering/problem identification: mediators ask questions and help participants figure out what issues need to be … Continue reading

Benefits of Mediation

Below are some of the benefits of mediating a dispute instead of going to court: Mediation is self-determined: participants in the conflict get to find a mutually agreeable solution.  Everyone gets to express their feelings and concerns about the issues … Continue reading