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STEM welcomes all new and returning students to the Madison area. The goals of STEM are: To provide student tenants with rental education and information before signing a lease. To help current student tenants resolve housing issues. To provide housing … Continue reading

Fall 2012-Best Practices and Tips for Renter

1.    Return your Information check-in sheet on time. The completed Information check-in sheet is due no later than 7 days from move in.  Completing and returning this form protects your security deposit.  If you do not return the form to … Continue reading


Complete the Informational check- in sheet provided to you by your landlord.  You have 7 days from occupancy to complete and return it to your landlord. If you did not get an Informational check-in sheet, contact your landlord to request … Continue reading

7 Tips for Keeping Your Apartment Warm

A few pointers on staying warm in your college apartment, from a college renter. 1. Plastic over windows – An easy and inexpensive way to keep heat in your room rather than allowing it to escape through the windows, after … Continue reading

Subletting-Did you know!

Did you know if you sublet your apartment you will still be on the lease? Even though you will not be living in the apartment you will still be on the lease.  If your sublettor does not pay the rent … Continue reading