Fall 2014-Best Practices and Tips for Renter

1.    Return your Information check-in sheet on time.
The completed Information check-in sheet is due no later than 7 days from move in.  Completing and returning this form protects your security deposit.  If you do not return the form to your landlord it will be presumed that everything is in good condition when you assumed possession of the apartment.  Be sure to make a copy of the completed form for yourself.
We also recommend you take & keep photos of the property when you move in to record condition.
2.    Maintenance Requests.
The Information check-in sheet is a condition report of the unit it does not serve as a maintenance request.
If there are items in your apartment that you would like repaired or corrected, you should contact your landlord or property manager in writing to request maintenance in your unit.
Contact your landlord as soon as you notice a maintenance issue, some repair problems can worsen as time goes on.
3.    Document all communications in writing.
Always get it in writing!  It is a best practice to document all communications with your landlord in writing.  Phone calls are great in emergencies, but best practice is written notice, email often preferred.  Without written documentation, all repair requests or agreements between you and your landlord will come down to your word against theirs.
4.     Always get a receipt for any cash paid to the landlord.
Landlords by law are required to provide you with a written receipt stating the amount and nature of the payment.  A landlord is not required to provide receipt for rent payments made by checks.
5.    Document the condition of your unit when you move out.
Take detailed pictures of the unit upon move-out documenting the unit’s condition when you move out.  The pictures will help if there are any security deposit disputes between you and your landlord.
6.    Provide the Landlord with a forwarding address.
Be sure to provide the landlord with your forwarding address to ensure timely return of your security deposit.

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